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plx 500 stopped working

i just used my plx 500 for one night and it stop  working ... my girlfriend just got me the plx 500 for me as a gift from amazon and i was very excited to use it . i set it up and all i did was a few baby scratches and the platter stopped moving everything is on but nothing is move. i dont understand it does say that the plx 500 is good turntable to start as a dj and that you can do scratches on it so how can it just stop working like this. how can pioneer help with this or even fix it???????

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@brandon > Sorry to hear about that. Your first course of action would be to see if the retailer (either Amazon or a retailer using Amazon as their distribution system) will offer a replacement. If not, or it's outside their exchange period, please contact Pioneer DJ technical support in your region to arrange an in-warranty service at an authorized service shop near you.

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@Parsa > Sorry, buying from out-of-region / country always runs the risk of not having a warranty. And unfortunately, there are many countries where we don't have official shops or repair centres. Given that you are also out of the warranty period regardless of your location, you would have to pay for repairs. You can take it to any audio shop to see if they can order the necessary parts for you.

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