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[CDJ 2000nxs2] Turn off phase meter and BPM reader?


As I don't think this is currently possible, I'd like to put in a request for a firmware update that allows us to turn off the phase meter and the BPM reader (or at least the decimal point on the BPM reader)

My reason for wanting this option is two fold. First of all and most importantly, I really enjoy beatmatching by ear and like keeping my skills sharp, but when the exact bpm with a decimal point and a live sync bar are staring you in the face, you can't help but see them. Then you already know exactly which track needs to be sped up or slowed down. It takes the skill out of it and takes the fun out of it. I've tried putting some tape over the BPM reader which works, but you can't do this for the phase meter as you need that part of the screen in other views. Besides, we shouldn't need to resort to putting tape on units that we pay so much for.

Secondly, I find it's actually a hindrance when I'm playing sometimes. As much as I try to ignore the phase meter, there have been times I've seen it and it has looked a little bit out which has caused me to second guess myself, and actually put the track further out (this is probably because I usually don't get around to editing beatgrids in rekordbox so a lot of them are a bit out). This is a pretty easy problem to solve by just trusting your ear and ignoring the phase meter, but I would prefer to just not see it at all, and I'd imagine it wouldn't be too hard for pioneer to give us that option.

From speaking to other DJs I think there would be universal support for this option in a firmware update.  

Jake Hughes

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I would love to see this on the NXS v1 too:) I use Gaffers tape for practice. LOL When I sifted through all my tracks one by one and set proper beat grids I didn't care BUT I recently had to reload and reanalyze all my tracks which was a MAJOR PITA...and now beat grids are off. It gives me a nice idea but the user being able to select what they want displayed would be awesome! Less clutter more pertinent details to the DJ.

Great IDEA!!

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Yessssss. I would love this. Please consider it, I second all of what OP said. Bpm can be covered no problem but the meter space is used for browsing and such so you can't cover it up. Just gets annoying to deal with when you're looking at other info and it's right there with everything else.

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