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Problem Djm250 mk2 rekordbox

Hello, I have an annoying problem that occurs when using rekordbox with a djm250mk2. During the playback of the tracks (both from PC and from turntables with time code) I cyclically appear some sound distortions such as radio interference. I have a Lenovo Legion5 gaming PC so I don't think this is PC power issue. I tried to increase the buffer, to turn off bluetooth, wifi, antivirus but nothing. I tried with rekordbox 5 but same thing. The problem does not occur when using rekordbox on the pc without djm250, so I guess there is something wrong with the dialogue between mixer and PC. Can someone help me?

Buongiorno, ho un fastidioso problema che si verifica utilizzando rekordbox con un djm250mk2. Durante la riproduzione delle tracce (sia da pc che da giradischi con time code) ciclicamente mi compaiono delle distorsioni sonore tipo interferenze radio. Ho un PC gaming Lenovo Legion5 quindi non credo trattasi di problema di potenza del PC. Ho provato ad aumentare il buffer, a spegnere bluetooth, wifi, antivirus ma nulla. Ho provato con rekordbox 5 ma stessa cosa. Il problema non si verifica usando rekordbox sul pc senza djm250, quindi immagino ci sia un qualcosa che non va bene nel dialogo tra mixer e PC. Qualcuno può aiutarmi?

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There are a number of reasons that you may hear interference, primarily for USB audio devices it comes from poorly isolated USB circuitry. Please try using a different USB port or cable, and if you still have problems, create a ticket with the support team in your region for further assistance in resolving this issue. Thank you!

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