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Enhance: CUE FIle creating when Recording a mix


when recording a track beside the .wav there is also a .cue write written.

I noticed the following, after the mix is recorded and I looked into the .cue File:

- some track that I never played a listed in the .cue file

- one track is listed several times in the .cue file (I played it only one time)


my assumption is:

Everytime the User of RB is starting a track loaded to a Deck, then this track gets a entry in the .cue file.

my wish is:

could you please enhance this to: only tracks playing more than "treshhold" time are written to the .cue file. "Treshhold Time" should be adjustable in RB Customizing. Why adjustable ?

Think of pre-listening Tracks ... some User pre listen tracks in a timefaime of below 10 seconds others need 1 Minute to decide if the track could be the next one ....

Due to the nature of the Problem I have no other Idee to minimze the false/positive entrys in the .cue files

thanks for consideration




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