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I was serato user, but now I heve CDJ-3000, so I convert to rekordbox. I think some options cen be much better:

1. Optional select gate / trigger mode on hot cues and memory points

2. Add comments of the hot cues on te screan of CDJ-3000. It displays only memory points comments.

3. Add nambers for the bars on moving waveform or select in diferent color bars for 32 or 64 beats.

4. Add choseing between starting track from first memory cue or optional from first hot cue.

5. In serato i can clik on the next track, and the new track starts automatical in synchronized beatgrind. I can start next mix, and i don't have to wait for the next place in phrase to play the track. I think its posible to play it in this mode from hot cue bank. Mamy it will be able to auto load 2 tracks (next and secound) to the memory like in hot cue bank but i normaln clikcking nex track. It will fasetr load track after clicking next.

6. Add the on the jog wheel my picture from my usb something like color tu the usb port.

7. Why memory point and hot cues are cover itch other. I will put memory pont marker on the bottom and the hit cue point on the top. Coments for memory points in the bottom. Comments from the hot cues on te top.

Sorry for my english and please for answer :).

Piotr Buławski

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Thanks for your feedback - we'll pass that to the product team for consideration.

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