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Chauvet DJ 4BarQuad Customization like is available for Gigbar 2/Move/Etc.

Please consider adding customized 19-channel settings for this fixture that allow rekordbox to see it as 4 separate pars.  (This has been similarly done for the gigbar 2 and gigbar move bar systems.)  The last 16 channels of the 19 setting channel allow for this but there isn't customization setup in rekordbox to utilize it.  The 19-channel block just treats all 4 as one par and isn't ideal.  Thank you for your help!  -David G.

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Hello David,

Actually, the color "Amber" of the four channels you referred to are not yet supported by rekordbox lighting. The channels with (*2) at the end are not supported as shown below. 

rekordbox lighting engineers would like to ask you the reasons why you need to use the amber color. They assume you can control channels only with the RGB colors specified by rekordbox. They would like to ask you what you would like to do specifically by controlling the Amber channels.

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