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Issues getting audio into a computer via DJM900NXS and the DJM-900nexus Settings Utility

So I am trying to record from my DJM-900 into my Mac. I have everything setup and am using channels 2 & 3 on the DJM.

Channel 2 is routed through "USB 3/4" and Channel 3 is routed through "USB 5/6". 

Channel 2 is both sending and receiving audio as it plays from my monitor speakers and I can see signal on my Mac. Channel 3 (USB 5/6) plays on my monitors, the CDJ and everything works as normal, but no audio into the Mac. 

I know this works because I've done it a couple years ago on this machine. But this time I have been at it for a couple hours and no results.

-Updated drivers

-Updated firmware

Any help or advice are much appreciated.


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I have also tried moving the inputs around. Only Channel 2 on USB 3/4 works. Channels 1, 3, and 4 are all the same result. No audio into the Mac

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