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Hardware unlock of DJM900NXS2

I am really amazed by the fact I just discovered that the DJM900NXS2 doesn't unlock RB and the DJM750MK2 does? Is that new that the nxs2 doesn't unlock RB cuz I remember using RB performance only with the nxs2 mixer. Not only this but 750mk2 also unlocks DVS mode?! Why did I buy the higher tier mixer if it has built in DVS capability for me not to use it? WTF pioneer?

Mr. X

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Hello, that's a shame and we all know about it, anyway didn't you check the official Rekordbox website before buying it?
It's really sad to say but it seems like that the DVS is going to be a feature used by just a niche of people, nowdays the real business is into the all-in-one controllers and cdjs..


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