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Pitch % with 2 decimal places for on the DDJ 1000 platter screen

I know DDJ is not a CDJ or XDJ but still it would be very helpful if we have this as well - showing 2 decimal places of the current pitch on the platter screens of DDJ 1000.

If I have to rely on the screens of the controller, just a single decimal for either BPM or pitch is not helpful enough. I'm suggesting the change to be made for the pitch value because that's how it is on CDJ and XDJ players on ranges like 10% or 6%.

Currently my only choice is using the vertical mode of rekordbox on my laptop and look at the laptop screen where it shows the BPM with 2 decimals. Works but kinda defies the purpose of the platter screens.

Stefan Nedelchev

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I see you are getting the silent treatment too, just have to spam the forum hehe

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