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adding a lighting fixture to the library. DELIBANG ZQ02234

Please could you look to add the following lighting fixture

1. Manufacturer is DELIBANG

2. RoSH mini ledspot moving head light

3. type: moving head

4. model number : ZQ02234

5. dmx channel modes = 14 channel modes are the following

1. horizontal operation, 0-255

2. horizontal fine tuning 0-255

3. vertical operation 0-255

4. vertical fine tuning 0-255

5. horizontal and vertical speed 0.255

6. dimming 0-255

7. strobe flash 0-255

8. red tone light 0-255

9. green tone light 0-255

10 blue tone light 0-255

11. white tone light 0-255

12. color walking 0-255

13. no effect 0-59 self walking 60-159

14. lamp belt control 250-255 (5seconds)

sorry i dont have a link to the website and the user manual only states what i have put above. 

i have typed in the model number and the closest i get is model number ZQ02241 which is a 16 channel moving head. 

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Unfortunately, we need the complete manual for this fixture request. However, you can use the following fixture which has the same channel structure and DMX values as your request. If at any point you have the complete manual available, we would be happy to add it for you.

Manufacturer: Denkriser
Fixture: MY-1700Z

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

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