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Rekordbox - Beatport Subscription Issue

Every time I try and link Rekordbox to Beatport I'm getting the same 'Your subscription has expired' message. Now, I know this has been posted a few times as I've tried every method that has been suggested on those posts; downgrade to an earlier version; deleting files; etc. I've tried connecting to other streaming services but I'm being met with the same message. 


Does any have a solution because it's getting a bit tedious now. 


Thank you!

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This issue is resolved in 6.6.9, but you can clean house with the following instructions:


With rekordbox closed, open the Finder and click Go > Go to Folder... from the menu bar. Enter this in the pop-open window: 

~/Library/Application Support/Pioneer/rekordbox6

Inside you'll find the file BeatportSetting.txt - delete that file.

Press Command + Shift + . (dot) and hidden files will be shown; delete the .beatport folder.

You can press Command + Shift + . (dot) again to hide the hidden files again, then launch rekordbox and login to Beatport again.



With rekordbox closed, open the following folder: 

C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox6 -- note that the AppData folder is hidden; enable hidden files in the Explorer preferences.

Delete the Beatport folder and the BeatportSettings.txt file, launch rekordbox, try logging in to Beatport again.

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Same here to my , read about the 6.6.1 version, installed but no help. 

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