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Creative Plan subscription canceled within 14 days - no refund?

Dear all,

hope to find someone with similar problems or a solution: on 01/05/23 I subscribed for the "Creative Plan" for one year and paid via CC. At that time I was not aware that my 750 MK2 enables performance mode / recording etc. via hardware unlock. Otherwise, I wouldn't have gone for the "Creative Plan".

After getting the info about the hardware unlock, I canceled the "Creative Plan" on 01/18/23, thus within the mentioned period to get a refund (14 days after start of subscription, see https://rekordbox.com/en/support/faq/plans/#faq-q600056).

Then I went to the in the Rekordbox FAQ mentioned MyCommerce website the same day, registered and requested the refund via the MyCommerce contact form (there is no other way referring to the MyCommerce FAQ, see https://account.mycommerce.com/Home/topic/12688 - found this a bit strange, the refund process is not really described neither by Pioneer nor by MyCommerce) - again within the mentioned period to get a refund.

Today is the 28th of January (= 10 days after cancelation and refund request) and I did not get any feedback from MyCommerce nor a refund. MyCommerce FAQ says: "request will be reviewed within 2 business days. We will notify you of the result by e-mail." Tried to get in touch with them two more times via the contact form, no response. Btw, I got screenshots of all my contact attempts with MyCommerce.

Other ways to get in touch with this company are not available.

I'm really disappointed as a Rekordbox customer since 2018 (I had a lot of different subscriptions of plans in the last years and have a lot of Pioneer DJ equipment) since there seems to be method in this approach, at least for German (?) customers: https://de.trustpilot.com/review/www.mycommerce.com

How much is the promise from Pioneer DJ in the FAQs worth? "If you request a refund within 14 days of the start of your subscription, we'll refund you via the payment method you used to purchase your subscription"

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