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HDJ-X5 breaks on the clip , both sides

Hi there , 

got new hdj-x5 headphone , about one year ...

Been happy , quality - price wise its a perfect headphone, soundquality is decent for the price ;

 3 months ago , while djing online stream , while replacing on my head , the right side just snaps off , got it on camera so defenetly no abuse what so ever ...

Be coinsidence had duc tape sitting on hand so , just taped is down and continued my dj set.

Now yesterday , the other side of the headphone snaps on the exact place , other side (left) .

The product is still under warranty , called my dealer but he only could suggest buying a new pair of headphones ...

anymore known of the same issues ?

Was thinking of buying the X7 , but my dealer told its the same build plastic , so probably switching brands .

little sad ... 

D Technikal S

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Hi, this product is the worst that I buy. And for my bad luck I buy 2 one for me and one for a gift and second one is in the box but mine is simple a disposable thing. Piece of crap.

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