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Toraiz SP-16 Recording incoming CC data

I have an external drum machine I am sequencing with Toraiz SP-16. The Toraiz controls stop/start/continue and sync. It also sends the data to the applicable external channel to trigger the drum machine.

There are CC parameters on the drum machine that I want to modulate - but I want to store that CC parameter data on the TORAIZ. I want to improvise the modulation, so assigning cc data to individual triggers is bulky, and not free flowing.

There are two solutions that would work: if i could modulate the cc parameters ON the TORAIZ and record those parameter changes that would circumvent the issue.
Secondly, I could SEND the CC data from my midi output on the external machine INTO the midi input on the TORAIZ SP 16.

I have the CHANNEL MAPPING set to the appropriate channels
I have the MIDI IN note/CC enabled.

Maybe there is another setting I am not seeing?
Please help

Matthew Pearson

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