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Map touch strip of SP-16 / pads of Squid to CC21 for sample start to replicate hot slice

It would be handy to allow user mapping of touch strip to CC21 to mimic hotslice mode similar to DJS1000. I've managed to custom map a launchpad pro with four pads for each of sp16 channels for sample start at start, half, 3/4, and 7/8 sample starts as I figured these are most useful (for amen breaks etc) . This is does not correspond to slices set in sp16 obviously so it is not done by slice number (if that was possible). Also it shifts loop start to the last sample start position which needs to be reset manually each time to prevent looping on looped samples. Would be a good use for user strip if done with this extra functionality within the sp-16 environment, like slice numbers and loop start bypass... I found hotslice to be a great melody composition tool on the djs1000, and I couldn't map this to the squid to be performed live, only by setting midi cc triggers within a pattern, which was kind of annoying, as trigger and note on/off are in two different parts of the squid pattern so I couldn't mimic slice mode at touch of one pad. I had the idea to do this by thinking I could set a template in squid with each of the 16 patterns set to a track on sp-16 and then splitting the pads into 16 sample start triggers using CC but it doesn't work as I imagined, so I tried workaround with launchpad. Could be good extra functionality to add to squid if custom mapping mode of pads was available like this and a good selling point to consider. (if it doesn't already have this and I am missing something)
Nick Morgan

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