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Issue with Martin 101

Rekordbox doesnt control the colors correctly somehow, the lamps works fine with pan/tilt/dimmer, but the color stays in a kind of pinkish-orangeish color.

i have tried both raw and basic settings, both do the same thing.

i noticed on the lamps that they also have a mode called "rgb", but it made no difference when controling them from rekordbox. it also seems to have the same dmx-table in raw and rgb mode.

when controling the lamps with a lightboard or another dmx software, the lamps change color just fine

we use other lamps with rekordbox lighting, and they work just fine.

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rekordbox lighting engineers tested the MAC 101(Raw, 12 CHs) with the simulator and found nothing wrong with the colors. 

Actually, CH8 : Color Wheel Effect (*2) is not supported in the current version of rekordbox lighting.  (*2) shown at the end of channels suggests the function is not supported. 

The colors are controlled in CH9-CH11 : RGB.

Please try sending the values from DMX Direct Control in PERFORMANCE MODE to see if any difference is made. 

For example, if you want to assign red, please follow the steps below.

1.In PERFORMANCE MODE, click the yellow surrounded lighting fixture icon to show the LIGHTING PANEL.

  2. Press the gear icon in the LIGHTING PANEL to show DMX Direct Control setting dialog.

  3. Input the values in the DMX Direct Control setting dialog.

(The above values are when red is assigned.) 

 4. Click [Apply] in the DMX Direct Control setting dialog.

 5. Click OK and close DMX Direct Control setting dialog. 

  After the above, if DMX Direct Control ON/OFF button is not lit in blue, please click the button shown below to turn on the blue light. 

 * If the button is not lit in blue, no DMX values will be sent.

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