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XDJ-XZ functionality question!

Hello, I have two very specific XZ questions I have not been able to find answers to.

1. Will the XDJ-XZ allow you to mix and match between sources when using all 4 decks - in other words, can you have your laptop/rekordbox playing on decks 3 and 4 while your USB is playing on decks 1 and 2? Is it seamless to switch between these sources during a set?

2. When you are using your laptop, do you have access to the same mixer FX you would while using your USB? This is not the case with the RX2.


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1. Yes, but you'd have to manually beatmatch as there is no sync between the USB and software sources.

2. Yes.

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Thank you! One follow up: if I were to exclusively use my laptop/Rekordbox on all 4 channels, would the same mixer FX still work? (again - asking because this is not the case with the RX2 when in MIDI/controller mode). 

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