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turntables not working DJM-s9 on Serato DJ Pro 3.0.3

Turntables not recognized on Serato 3.0.3. Im using a 2017 Mac  OSVentura with DJM-S9. Ive downloaded the driver from the prompt when I plugged the mac into the S9. I did the firmware update to 1.09 on the S9. Still no signal from the turntables. No green circle on the calibration screen. Just a green dot. Turntables are plugged into Phono inputs on S9. Serato DJ input is on turntables. Input selection on the S9 is A1 for the left turntable and A2 for the right turntable. The Mac is input to the A usb with a usb C to usb B cable. I even tested a record and I was able to get a level on the S9 vu meter so I know the connection/cartridge etc is good. Any ideas on how to fix this 

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Did you allow Serato access to the mic in the System Settings > Privacy & Security > Microphone > Serato > enabled ?

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