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EUROLITE LED PR-100/32 Pixel DMX Rail

Hello dear fixture team.

You are my last hope in this and I hope the implementation of this light will work out the way I hope for. Please read all the way to the end, I explain how the tube would usually be intended for use and how my use case looks like specifically.

Name of Manufacturer and fixture model: EUROLITE LED PR-100/32 Pixel DMX rail bk



The user manual specifies these things about DMX-adjacent topics:

  • Tube with 96 high power RGB LEDs (3in1) for light effects
  • Subdivided into 32 pixels (illumination units à 3 LEDs) which can be controlled individually by DMX
  • Auto, music, master/slave and DMX mode
  • Functions: static colors, automatic color change, internal programs with variable speed, dimmer settings
  • Built-in auto and music show programs
  • Direct color selection for 17 preset colors
  • 3, 5, 8, 48 or 96 DMX channels selectable
  • DMX and power terminals intelligently designed for easy wiring
  • Sound-control via built-in microphone with adjustable microphone sensitivity


This table further clarifies:


In the following sections, more is explained about the actual channels:


8-Channel mode is wht I want to use for all three of these bar fixtures I plan on using (it can go up to 8 and I will add more over time)


Please continue reading this part, as it is most important for me:

I want to have DMX Control over Channels 6-8. These are the programs that are the most important for this light to work. I NEED to be able to control these Channels while I have DMX connected. Otherwise this light is useless:

  • My ideal scenario: 8 Channel Mode works flawlessly - All Channels are part of the automated scenes RB Lighting plays during my songs.
  • My compromise: 5 Channel Mode works together with me setting Channels 7 & 8 (Internal Program and Running Speed) manually through direct control. I want to atleast be able to set Channel 7 & 8 at the beginning of my set, then leave that and have Channels 1-5 (Dimmer, Colours and Strobe) be automated during my scenes.


Thank you for reading this!

Feel free to write again if questions remain. I would love for the “EUROLITE LED PR-100/32 Pixel DMX Rail” fixture to have its own place in the RB Lighting compatibility list and have the fixture actually work to some degree! Otherwise I will have to re-sell my equipment.


Felix Krell

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its been two weeks - anyone still looking at these fixture requests?

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knock knock - its been a full month now. Starting to lose hope here...

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Your request is being processed by the Pioneer agents. Sorry for the delay.

On behalf of Pioneer DJ,
AtlaBase Ltd

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Unfortunately, the lighting fixture you kindly requested has not been supported by rekordbox lighting. 

Sorry for the very late reply and not meeting your expectation. 

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