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It's been over 2 years and beat sync bugs still exist on the 3000's

Sometimes pressing the beat sync button on the slave track (with Quantize enabled) does not sync up the beat grid to the Master track above it on the LCD display.

Sometimes when I nudge the platter with beat sync enabled, the tracks start to drift apart while both players show the same bpm. Once I turn on beat sync again to match the beatgrids of both tracks and the beat grids are quantized again, the drifting goes away. But nudging the patter will trigger the bug again and again. I've done some troubleshooting and it seems like one track starts playing about 1-2bpm faster than the other one. I'm not using tracks with weird bpms...I'm using 128bpm house tracks, 174bpm D&B tracks, 140 bpm Dubstep tracks. This happens often enough where its frustrating and makes beat sync unreliable. I've had gigs with other DJ's that reported this issue while using my 3000's. I know I'm not the only one who is dealing with this issue because the forum has tons of posts about beat sync bugs, but it seems like there is no solution or that Pioneer DJ is not aware of this issue.


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I should mention, I have the latest firmware installed - 2.04 - Feb 2023 release.

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