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limited MIDI control of SP-16 and other outboard gear from Squid

What the Squid needs is the ability to create at least two pages of 'tracks'. If I have a dozen pieces of out board gear and wish to trigger pads on the SP-16 there are only four MIDI tracks left to trigger four pads o the SP-16. I can already create two pages on the 'Track' page but when I scroll over I cannot send all 16 tracks on MIDI output 2 and reserve the previous page for MIDI output 1 and my out board gear.

More pages could be added for USB MIDI and DIN as well.

Unless I'm missing something.

Katon Katon

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If this is not possible I question the wisdom of requiring a separate MIDI channel per pad. Would it not have been better to set the machine to one MIDI channel and have pads respond to individual notes?

According to TSP-16_addendum_ver160_En page 88 scenes and patterns can be changed via CC (0 & 32) but there is no way to address the SP-16 via MIDI - ie assign a MIDI channel to it. How do I change scenes and patterns on the SP-16 from the Squid?

What is it I don't understand?

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