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Taglist bug (XDJ-XZ)

I am the happy owner of a XDJ-XZ and love the device, but sadly there is this super annoying bug that keeps happening. I use the decive in standalone with USB. I often use the tag list on the device. The thing that happens is when I try to load a track from the taglist the device will not load that track, but instead load the track that was still selected in the playlist I was originally in. Sometimes the second time I try it, it does work, but sometimes I can try again and again and it will keep loading the wrong track. Now this is already super annoying in itself as it's wasting precious time. But what makes it even worse is that often this wrong track that it loads is the track that was already in the other deck, so it creates an instant double. This in its turn often causes the device to be stuck in sync mode. Even if I stop the track and load in another from the normal playlist it will stay in sync mode, while the sync light remains off, and pressing the sync button does nothing to turn it off, neither does pitching to the original BPM. This is awful, had this happen several time where I had to turn of the device to fix it. Is this a known bug? Please fix this asap.

Yarno van Berkel

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Is it possible to record the phenomenon in a video and upload it somewhere?


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