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Remapping FLX-10 Loop IN Adjust to work like on a CDJ-3000

Is there a way to remap the buttons on a DDJ-FLX10 to replicate the way they work on a CDJ-3000? 

I would like to replace the 1/2x and 2x feature of the Loop In and Loop out buttons by In Adjust and Out adjust so I don't have to press the Shift button every time. I figures that the midi value for the In and Out buttons once a loop is engaged is 9n12 and 9n13 but there is no "In Adjust" selection under the loop menu when adding a function in the midi mapping of a Deck. 

I will be getting rid of Mix point select fuctions wich I dont use to host the 1/2x and 2x loop feature. 

I want to replicate as close as possible my Club layout of the CDJ-3000 and having to memorize a different way of moving In and Out points from my FLX-10 to CDJ's makes it very hard to acquire no brainer reflexes. 

I tried working on the CSV file of the midi mapping with no succes. 

Hope I can get ideas and help on this forum from Pioneer and fellow DJ'S


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Same demand.

I would like to change the position of the pad loop as well. Is there a way to do this ?

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