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Only 8 MyTags per category on CDJ3000?

I rely on MyTag pretty heavily to sort music while playing. On all CDJ models NXS2 and below that I've played on, all tags are available to sort by. However, my first time playing on CDJ3000s, I noticed that only 8 tags were available per category. Not being able to sort by tags effectively totally screws up my workflow.

Is this a limitation of the CDJ3000 or am I missing something? If it's a limitation of the 3000, I would like to know why a mytag limit of 8 was implemented?

Robert Barnes

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Is it the CDJ-3000 that has the USB inserted?
Or is it a CDJ other than the CDJ-3000 linked to the CDJ-3000?

Is it displayed by swiping the screen?

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Hi tomo, thank you for the quick response.

The issue is on both CDJ-3000s, the linked one, and the one with the USB connected. You can swipe to scroll down and display more tags, but only 8 total are shown from each category.

There was also a linked CDJ2000-NXS2, but all tags showed up as expected on that player, so it seems it's only a CDJ-3000 issue.

Can you confirm that the CDJ-3000 should have the capability to see all of the tags?




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