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Gated Hot Cues for CDJ-3000

The whole Pioneer ecosystem should be based around being able to work up from Controllers to Club standard setup without having to do workarounds or learn new ways to do the same trick. 

A DJ learning curve should be as smooth as possible. The buttons should be doing the same thing and fuctions should be the same from the bottom level controler to the top end flagship CDJ.

Having the possibility to have Gated Hotcues (or not) should be just a question of check marking a box in the setup menu of the unit or in rekordbox preferences. Since CDJ are now 99% software based I guess it's just a question of writing the code.

Please Pioneer consider putting this on the top of future updates wish-list.

Sorry to bring back this issue that has already bees discused. But it has also never been really addressed by Pioneer. The purpose is to raise awareness to the developper team. 



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