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Cdj3000 + v10 + Sp16

Hey Friends! I am brand new into live samplers amd other hardware. I have recently aquired a list of gear and trying to connect everything to have full control and features available. So My gear is connected as follows: Cdj300 -> Audio+LINK(Channel3) -> V10+Net Switch <- LINK+Audio(Channel4) <- Cdj300 Toraiz sp16 -> Audio+Link(Channel5) -> v10 Eberything syncs, Everythong works. But question about all the ports on the back of v10 and sp16. Is this end setup? or is there a way to wire sp16 to receive master out from v10 into sp16? for sampling? for Fx? Is there a way to hear on sp16 input from v10 channels/masters and manipulate the full tracls via sp16? or just send fx? if so, what else do i wire? which channels and what knob for channel i use ? send? ext? etc. Thanks in advance. I aswell will be routing soon as1 into channel 2 but thats simple and the sp16+as1 combo control i understand. However i dunno of sp16 can receive sound from cdj or two or channel from v10. I understand daw is possible to be sent.
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