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XDJ-XZ support for Phrase send for DJ Pro lighting mode

Hello folks,

I have a setup with XDJ-XZ and 2 x CDJ-3000. I just purchased the RB-DMX1 to support Lighting mode, since I prefer by a long run to run my system in Standalone mode and only using Export mode for library, I was really hoping to use Pro DJ link lighting mode to capture phrases using a separate laptop for my automated lighting using phrases. 

Currently, my CDJ-3000 do send Phrase data back to DJ Pro link and it's perfect but the XDJ-XZ doesn't.

Any chance at all for Pioneer to update software of the XDJ-XZ to support this in a near future? Unfortunately, if this doesn't, I'll just defer back to another vendor DMX controller. 

As a long customer and advocate for Pioneer, I'm really hoping avoid being forced to replace my XDJ controller today. This would need to be replaced by both a DJM and 2 more CDJs.... definitely not worth the change just for this small need.

Pioneer, please help.... tks!


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