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DDJ-XP2 Random disconnects.


I have purched a Pioneer DDJ-XP2 and started useing it, but i have some issues with it, it randomly disconnects (seems so) but i stay in performence mode but i lose all control over the CDJ's and DJM. 
To fix this i have to unplug and replug and start the MIDI link back up again, some nights it's fine (works like intended for the hole night), some nights it disconnects 2-3 times in 5/6 hours. That's just not acceptable. 

When the problem happens i'm using the following.

2x CDJ 2000 Nexus (Software: v1.43)
1x DJM 900 Nexus (Software: v1.32)
1x USB-C/USB-A Hub
1x DDJ-XP2
1x Macbook Pro (Software: MacOS 13.4 22F66 - I just updated the software to try and fix the problem, it was the same problem in the earlier version of MacOS)

I have tryed:
- Connecting all in the hub (2x CDJ's, 1x DJM, 1x XP2) directly to my macbook pro.
- The CDJ's and the DJM in the hub and the XP directly in my macbook.
- A USB-C hub (No extra power)
- A USB-A hub whit external power
- Changing all the cables in the CDJ's and mixer as well as the XP2. 

But no matter what ill still get the same issue. 

Rekordbox shows no erorr messeges about the disconnects. but i completely lose controle. Over all the equipment. 

What can i do from here?.

Benjamin Frandsen

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