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Changing Active Loop Cue Point Live on XDJ-XZ

In my DJ sets, I often encounter a situation where I would like to use multiple loops on the same track and switch between them live.

For instance, I might set a loop as my active loop at the start of the track, let it play, and then exit the loop to let the track play out. Further down the line in the track, I've set another cue point with an attached loop. I would like this to become the new active loop when the playback reaches it, without having to manually activate it.

In Rekordbox software, I have the ability to do this using the mouse by clicking on the playback arrow near the hot cue pad - this effectively changes the active loop during playback. The corresponding arrow turns red to signify that the loop is now set to active, and turns orange when it's not. However, it seems that I cannot replicate this functionality directly on my XDJ-XZ controller

Is there a way to change the active loop cue point live while a track is playing on the XDJ-XZ?

draco urela

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could you not use hot cues, which can just be cue points or loops?

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