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Rekordbox 6 hardware unlock question

Hi there,

I bought a DDJ-SZ in 2015. A year later when Rekordbox was released I bought a license.

Until recently it worked perfectly fine, but lately, I experience issues with macOS 12 Monterey. I want to upgrade to Rekordbox 6 since version 5 is no longer supported.

I also own 4x CDJ-3000, a DJM-900NXS2, and a DJM-V10, all of which include a hardware unlock for version 6.

How can I use any of these hardware unlock "licenses" to activate Rekordbox 6 with my 2 laptops and use it with the DDJ-SZ?

I also want to have access to "Performance mode" all the time, just like in version 5.



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Basically to use your DDJ-SZ with rekordbox 6, you either have a paid subscription activated (ie. Core Plan or higher plan) or you would need to have one of the hardware unlock products also connected (ie. CDJ-3000 or DJM-V10). 

You always have access to Performance Mode on rekordbox 6, but some functions and features of Performance Mode are only unlocked by a paid plan or hardware unlock device. 


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