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Errors connecting Rekordbox iOS (v4) to CDJ/XDJ

I am following Pioneer/Rekordbox directions to connect Rekordbox on iOS to a CDJ/XDJ via Lightning Camera Adapter and a USB-A to USB-B cable. It's not working.

iOS 16.4.1
iPhone 14 Pro


Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, brand new
USB-A to USB-B cable, plugged into lightning adapter and to the back of the XDJ-700

Opened Rekordbox for iOS and tapped "Connect to CDJ/XDJ/DJM"

With Wifi enabled on iPhone:
Message displayed "Connecting PRO DJ LINK"
Message displayed "Could not connect with CDJ/XDJ/DJM. Connect the Wi-Fi router and CDJ/XDJ/DJM via LAN cable."

With Wifi disabled on iPhone:
Message displayed "Wifi is OFF. Turn Wifi ON and connect the Wi-Fi router and CDJ/XDJ/DJM via LAN cable."

It appears that only connecting via wifi is supported, despite the internet being plastered with Pioneer documentation describing how to connect via USB.

Shannon Coen

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