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DDJ-RZX firmware request

DJ Bass V

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The DDJ-RZX is still the best controller for music videos on the market in my opinion. It is a large console as is so it would be nice to perform as many functions as possible on the controller itself rather than having to use supplemental controller like the DDJ-XP1 in conjunction with it. With the DDJ-RZX being so large, the placement of the DDJ-XP1 (left, right or above) is just not ideal. So, is it possible to implement a firmware update that will allow the ability to switch pages between 1 - 8 Hot Cues and 9 -16 like the DDJ-1000 does. Also, could Drum, Inst, and Vocal be added in the FX Select drop downs above the jog wheels. Those buttons are perfectly positioned for Track Separation function.  These two features would be an awesome addition and make the DDJ-RZX much more useable. Pioneer could even offer legacy software update packages for purchase on select popular controllers/equipment. Thanks for listening, I’d appreciate your feedback.

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