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RB-DMX1 specific "Blackout" suggestion

I recently purchased the RB-DMX1 and am overall happy with the product except for 1 thing.

I am using a Chauvet Gigbar Move with a Laser Box for private gigs and online livestreams. I simply want to blackout the Gigbar on the drop of EDM songs and only have the Laserbox running during the drop and vice versa. I mapped lighting functions to my pads on my DDJ-800; When I choose "Blackout" it just simply blacks out the entire DMX system. If there is a way to specify a "Blackout" setting for each individual DMX light in the system that would make my lights and lasers synced better with the tracks. I do not want to go into the macro editing of my songs and manually do it because I stream online and I will dj for up to 3 hours sometimes. It would be so much easier to just press the buttons on my pad as its also fun to control the lights while dj'ing and much easier. I do it for the strobes as well and just simply pressing the pads on my controller make life easy. Hopefully there is a way to make this happen as my livestreams would be enhanced and more dialed into the music.

Thank You!


David Abbatangelo

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