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can you use XDJ-1000MK2 without formatting USB with Rekordbox

Hi Everyone,

I recently picked up XDJ-1000mk2.   But it seem like it will not accept a USB stick with just mp3 or wav files unless you use Rekordbox to import the playlist to the USB.

Someone, else asked the same question but Pioneer did not answer the question.  They just said it is best to use Rekordbox.

That is not the answer people are looking for.  The CDJs can pickup on a USB stick with just mp2 and wav files and it will automatically generate the waveforms.

I would expect the XDJ-1000mk2 to be the same thing and run standalone completely without Rekordbox and without having to import a playlist onto the USB.

Please let us know the proper answer to this question.

Matt Lok

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****** UPDATE *****

This is the proper format and I have tested with PC on this without Rekordbox.


Use a free PC formatting program called Rufus.  Use the settings in the link above.

Than copy your WAV or MP3 files to the USB stick after formatting.

Your XDJ-1000mk2 will recognize the tracks.

Since these just raw music files without Rekordbox "indexes", your XDJ-1000mk2 will automatically render the track on the player, it will not display the rendered waveforms in full.  Only half size.  If you have a network cable connected (RJ-45) you can use the link feature which works 100%.  However, you cannot use the "Master/Sync" feature to auto sync tracks.

If you use Rekordbox to import your playlist (which will auto import your music files), then you will get the full waveform with the beat grid and quantizing feature, as well as the Master/Sync functions.  Pretty much like the XDJ-RR display and functions but on a single player which can be linked.

Also tested format using a Mac format "Mac OS Extended" (Journaled) and scheme - MBR (Master Boot Record).

Hope this helps others on this.

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I forgot to mention - XDJ-1000mk2 firmware - latest version 1.44

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