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SHOW THE NUMBER OF BARS BETWEEN MEMORY CUES You see this when you are in a specific memory cue section. But, say there's a breakdown a couple of memory cues along, but the track is playing. Creative mixing requires mixing in and out of breakdowns to maintain energy. I have colour coded memory cues so I know looking at the waveform if it's a vocal, drums, instrumental etc. This stops any clashing of vocals and shows layered mixing points at a glance. The problem is some tracks don't follow the same patterns, so 1 memory cue as 8 bars of drums and then 12 bars of vocals. You cannot tell how long to a particular memory cue to work out beat matching a vocal over the upcoming breakdown in a couple of memory cues time. You only know the length of memory cues when you're in that section. I have to use the laptop because I have labelled memory cues in Rekordbox so I can see in advance the length of bars to keep a track in phase. It's the only thing stopping me dropping the laptop and just using the players. This information is really important.

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