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PLX-1000 platter doesn't spin (again)

Sorry to say but your PLX-1000 platter doesn't spin anymore!!!! Not only does it not spin but its rubbing on the actual housing of the turntable. I swapped platters over and they are both fine. its like the platter has dropped down on the spindle and is rubbing on the body. GUYS this should never ever happen. Ive got 35yr old Technics that work beautifully. This should not happen, how can this be?? This is the most basic requirement for a turntable and its mechanically stopped. LOL Needless to say the party ended early Any thoughts? Thank you Simon
Simon Saywood

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Could ChatGPT be a groundbreaking tool for artists and DJs?

Haha actually no it couldnt ..an actiual person would though with some proper insite to the question above.

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