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RB Lighting - Enable pad lighting for DMX Direct Control & Interludes

I have the XP2 and I have set the pads to use lighting controls. One thing I noticed is that the pads for DMX Direct Control and Interlude buttons doesn't change color when activated, making it very hard to tell which one is activated.

I use the DMX Direct Control to override RB lighting settings for specific devices to override color and turn some fixtures off. I also control my fog machine through these. It would be very helpful that when I toggled these on, the pad lit up like when toggling the other lighting functions. It seems these 2 sections are the only 2 that do not have associated lighting.

As of today, only the first 3 DMX Direct Control buttons are visible on the performance screen and the other 6 there is no way to tell if they are toggled on or not. If the pad could light up when the individual control is activated, that would be a huge help.

Andrew Langsdon

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