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Feature Suggestions general

REKORDPOX PROGRAM 1) See more bars (quatrains) on the beatgrid at least 16 or 32 by compressing the waveform. 2) Function to have the trigger point on the left and not just in the center. 3) Improve the Phrase function, having all the phases available for any type or mood of the song and not just those decided by the program for that type of music file. 4) Grid tools, being able to move individual bars without the rest moving. 5) Improve beatgrid analysis in dynamic mode, make it follow transients. Example from 128 to 110 without losing rhythm. 6) Being able to insert the slash of the first beat of the quatrain even when the artist adds 1 or 2 extra bars to the traditional meter. 7) Add the Playlist item to the metadata field to understand by looking at the collection which playlist the song is in without using that awkward function offered by the program. DJ SYSTEM PREFERENCES 1) In the ORDER chapter insert the YEAR field 2) In the COLUMN chapter insert the YEAR field 3) Add the items proposed in the SORTING and COLUMN chapters in DJ SYSTEM to the DEVICE item in the tree on the left. HISTORIES Possibility to delete the history of both Rekordbox and Device in bulk. Sync Manager management in EXPORT mode When starting the program, do not recognize any active synchronization status on the device to avoid deleting songs and/or playlists when I access it, I will be responsible for activating the sync manager during the next synchronization phase. OPUS QUAD Why aren't the buttons next to the browse knob lit? The same goes for all the other keys because if there is not enough light it is very difficult to see them. Activate in SHORTCUT the possibility of having the outputs in MONO for both Master and Monitor(Booth) as in the Utility of the DJM-900 Nexus2 mixer. When using the FX mode on the display being able to see the waveform is very useful if not essential.

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