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I use Rekordbox, so IF this feature already exists, I apologize. But, I have not found it. While spending a few hours setting cue points last night on various songs that contained awesome bars of music and some bars that were vide killers. I thought, wouldn't it be awesome to have a cue point feature that when the assigned cue point is reached, it auto jumps (over the vibe killing bars) to an assigned cue point (later in the track such as a thumpin' chorus/verse), all while maintaining the beat. I have a lot of long club style songs that have great bars, but some bars just suck the energy out of the song and if I could just skip right over those without missing a beat it would be amazing. Think about this idea for a minute and tell me that this would not be an awesome feature to add. If you like it please vote for it. Thanks. 

Tim Ryan

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