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Rekordbox - Relative Tempo Fader Option

Note: Not sure if there is a tempo indent for other FLX models, but if they don't, this is applicable to those controllers as well.

As described in my previous post, I feel the lack of a tempo fader indent at 0% makes tempo adjustments more difficult on the FLX10 in comparison to CDJs and previous controllers.

I'd also much prefer to use the FLX10 in a relative tempo mode rather than the absolute mode considering the lack of an indent, as even if I use the tempo reset button, I'm still going to have to move the fader close enough to 0% so that when I turn tempo reset off to start adjusting the tempo again, the tempo doesn't jump excessively. It's pretty irritating to have to stare at the tempo fader or the tempo % every time I want to bring it back to the original tempo, and a relative mode could solve this.

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