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Fos Technologies Beam 150W 13chs

At fos beam 150 1) When I'm choosing Fos Beam 150 Pro (16B,12 Chs),the moving head is flashing but colors are changing normaly (follows the other movig heads wash,spot etc) and it's moving normally,but the light is not stable.the beam is flashing.(wrong shutter i think.) 2) When I'm choosing Fos Beam (Standard mod, 13chs) ,the moving head have normally stable beam but the color is only white (NOT follows at colors the others movings heads wash,spot,etc.) 3) When I'm choosing Fos Beam 150 Pro (8B, 10chs), the moving head is doing nothing. No Color,no Moving. Not work normally whatever i choose. CAN I EDIT THE PROFILE? Can you fix that (profile editor)? Wrong Shutters numbers. Can you help me? could you fix this? Thank you,again
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