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DJM2000 Sidechain remix " Sampler"

I have a question of the "Sampler" function on sidechain remix on the djm 2000.

I've rarely used this, as i found it hard to use, or determine what im doing to be exact. The unease of being able to understand this function has really hampperd me trying to use it in any shape or form. 

I've had my djm 2000 since october of 2010, and I have played extensivly with all the instant fx, and beat fx. Played around with the frequency mix for a couple months and was successful in undersatnding what it can be useful for, and when i should use it. My question comes to the "Sampler" of the sidechain remixs.

I just hear a 4 beat count from before, but neceesarily somewhere i wanted@@. Any idea to explain to me wat the "X-axis" does and the "y-axis" so i can atleast kind of understand this particular use. I can imagine it being almost like a "Roll" and i can use reverb with it, along with some jet, or crush to top it off for my build ups.  Anyone have any ideas about how this "sampler" works?

I paid good money for my gear, i want to learn all of it. thankyou


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I'm not quite sure if this is what you're looking for, but anyway, try to help you!

First, functionality:

X-Axis is for the lengh of the repeating sample

Y-Axis is for the pitch of the repeating sample (tone high)

The sample its self repeats f.e. in basstime, if you choose for sidechain band f.e. bass.

Secound, the use:

I mainly use it by doing some vocal looping or with melodie strips! F.e. House vocals, you can sample them and with some effects like f.e. the echo, you can give your mix more "space"!

Or if you sample at a beat, you can keep it "rolling" in the dropdown sections of a track...

You see, I use it more as an ambience effect than an exactly sample or roll!

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