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900 nexus power and input question

hi everyone, i`m about to buy 900 nexus and i have two questions.

First is the power one. I`ll buy the unit from USA /110v 60hz/ but will use it in EU /220v 50hz/  so its simple  Will it work on 220v or die? It may sound silly but CDJ 1000 dont have any problem with 220v even made in USA they work fine EFX 1000 work s fine too

Second one, I`m a Traktor 2 user with time code CDs so i want to know will it work when i use the digital inputs on 900 with timecode CD

p.s. sorry for my english


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@Psy_ops > You'll need a step-down transformer (220V > 110V) if you plan on using a 110V mixer with 220V mains.

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