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Virtual DJ & DJM900 Nexus issue...

Hi there Ladies and Gents.

Just wondering if anyone had any experience with Virtual DJ and DJM-900 Nexus and Virutal DJ + 2 x CDJ 2000 

Basically i want the following setup :

Channel 1 to be my CDJ2000 (1)

Channel 2 on my CDJ2000 (2)

Channel 3 to assign the Player on Virtual DJ

Channel 4 as Player B

to do that i need to assign Player A to USB5/6  and Player 2 to USB 7/8

However in setup of Virtual DJ it only allows me to use Player A and B for  Channel 1&2 and Channel 3&4 , cant seem to access 5&6 , and 7&8 through Virtual DJ setup . i can access 5/6 as preview channel only , even so i need 7/8 

At the moment I have had to use Virtual DJ Player A & B as Channel 1 & 2 all this time and my CDJ2000's as Channel 3 & 4 , but with that configuration i lose the On Air ( Red Plate Light) Ability which is very useful at the club i run.

Adding a Few Screen Shots of the Set up to help you see what i have done , and if i am missing anything

I would highly appreciate it if anyone got any idea on how to solve this one ?

Eddy Nassar

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Under the audio preferences in VDJ, change the INPUTS type to ADVANCED CONFIG and you will have the option to assign any output you desire.

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