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DJM-900 Noise with Traktor

I have been away from the forum for some time due to day job commitments but have read some of the comments connected with the noise problems with the DJM-900 and Traktor. I am still experiencing some problems with this pairing.

I get an occasional and short duration buzz type noise when Traktor is playing which usually results in a complete loss of sound after a few minutes despite the decks still running. I have noticed that the gain need to be reduced to avoid distortion since connecting the 900 over my previous setup. I have for now reverted to using the Audio10 which is noise free.

Setup is DJM-900 connected directly to one of my Macbook Pro's USB connections with the latest 1.3.0 driver and 1.210 firmware.

Mac 64 bit OS X 10.6.8.

3 x CDJ-2000 and 2 x X1's connected to the other Macbook USB output via D-Link DUB-H7 hub.

CDJ and mixer are also connected to the Mac's network via ethernet hub which is live to allow changing between Traktor and Rekordbox on the fly.

Traktor 2.1.2

I have tried changing both the Traktor's latency and the DJM's USB output levels but these do not appear to influence the problem. Can someone suggest some ball park settings or combinations so I have a starting point to do more trouble shooting please??

David Myles

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Thanks Pulse but the 50 odd pages of this thread seem to centre on the computer's latency, especially MS powered machines. To my mind if I do not have a problem using my Audio 10 but I do with my DJM 900 the problem may be with the other hardware?

I've tried to find the script that you used during the 10.6.7 discussions with regard to the setting you used with the 900 and Traktor 2, would you mind updating me or at least sending a link so I can start to troubleshot further? 

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@David > Have you noticed the same problem with fewer USB devices connected?  Eg, if you were to connect only one CDJ or the X1, does the problem still occur?

Are you running any other software in the background?

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