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DJM 500 stereo wont work

i bought a djm 500 a few months back (2nd hand), everything was fine. i borrowed it to a so called friend and it has returned with the master slider goosed, ive replaced that but it now seems like its not working in stereo and only one level is working on the lcd for master volume. if i switch to mono then both levels work fine. on inspection while fiting the new master slider i could swear it looks like some thing has ben spilt on the mixer. could something on the stereo side of things been burnt out or anything???

regards, chris.

chris rigg

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@chris > Sounds to me like the problem is the master has not been properly installed; please contact tech support (via the links at the right) or take your unit to a service shop to have it repaired.  Unfortunately there is nobody here authorized to provide you with the instructions required to repair or modify your mixer.

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