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DJM-2000 channel fader issue.

Looking for some feedback on an issue I've run into with the DJM-2000.

The channel fader  for line 2 has something going on with it. While it works just fine, it has the following symptoms:

1) Tight and snug feeling while at the bottom of the range, but as you move the level up, it loses it's up/down resistance.

2) As the level is moved up,  side to side movements become more and more pronounced. At the bottom, I cannot wiggle it from side to side at all, but at the top, side to side movement is extremely loose.


Is it possible that the top part of the fader connection inside the housing has become detached somehow? I don't really know that I want to crack the top on this thing and have a look myself yet, but I'm curious if anyone else has run into any issues like this.

D.j. Inertia

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@Inertia > A little side to side movement is normal, but nothing pronounced. Resistance should be consistent throughout.

I would recommend you take the unit to get a service. To find an authorized repair centre in your area, please use the technical support links on the right >>

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