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Djm 2000 makes pop sound when changing effect channel


I have this issue where a Pop sound will appear in the music when I change the effect channel.

It only occurs when the effect is active.

example :

Echo effect is On but the level / depth knob is set to 0

The channel select knob is set to channel 2

Now when I change the channel from 2 to 3 the pop / knick will appear.

I'm using the last firmware. Playing from One Usb, used with 2 cdj 2000's

Do I need to provide an audio sample ?


Can someone test it to see if they have the same problem?


thanks in advance





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It's the same on my DJM-2000. Turn off the effect unit before changing channel or do the change "on beat" to minimize the "pop".

It would be nice if this could be fixed with a FW update...

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@TheOne > This has been noted as an issue - hopefully a future firmware will be able to rectify the pop.

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