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Recording on DJM 900 Nexus question

Dear Pioneer, 



I wanted to know if it's possible to use Garageband to record through my DJ 900 Nexus? all i've seen is people using Traktor and i'm really not trying to get that program. I've tried setting the DJM up like the 800's since a bunch of my friends have them and tried to help and failed .Please let me know what I need to do if I can do anything at all. 




Chris McKessy

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@Chris > Yes you can record using Garageband with the DJM 900.

Personally I would use audacity to record though, since it's a free 3rd party software and has more options than Garageband. Then you can export the file into any format, and import it into Garageband after if you prefer it.

The setup will be similar to using Audacity to record with and there are many threads in these forums on how to record with Audacity.

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