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DJM 600 - connection traktor with 4 decks + Maschine


I searched the forums for an answer on my question, but didn't find anything. Apologies upfront in case I still would be duplicating.


My situation: I currently have the DJM600, the efx500 and 4 x SL1200. After a long break from DJ-ing and seeing the Minus-guys toying around with traktor on 4 decks + Maschine, I'm picking up my hobby again. I meanwhile invested in some X1's + Maschine. I was able to get hold of a spare audio 6 from someone, but will go to an audio 10 for myself. Objective would be to have the 4 traktor decks routed to the 4 DJM600 channels, but that leaves me with the maschine that still needs to be hooked up.

Obviously, I would like to keep the 4 channels free for the 4 traktor decks, so I prefer not to route maschine via a phono-in to keep full flexibility. As far as I can see it the guys from Minus and other DJs, regardless if they use the Xone of DJM mixers, also only have 4 channels, so I'm wondering how they hook it up. Do they use the send/return for external efx? Mic-inputs? Or do they dedicate one channel and route both a traktor deck + Maschine through it?


So basically, the question comes back to: how do I hook up 4 traktor decks + Maschine to the DJM 600, while maximizing flexibility? (and while sticking to my current gear - shifting to the DJM900 is an option in the future if I really get into everything again, shifting to the DJM1000 is not preferred)




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@sfax > I think your best bet would be to use a Mic input for the Maschine. Since you won't have as much control over the Mic channels as you do a regular input, I would put Maschine on the Mic input because you can pre-select what you have loaded and I don't think you would need as much control for Maschine.

Also, you'd probably have more luck going to the NI forums and asking there because you'll have better luck finding users with a similar setup and using a 4 channel mixer.

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